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Welcome to Institute du Bon Pasteur Training Centre


Our institute is invested in 3 spheres:

Planetary Health and how planetary health is the most integrated approach to sustainablity and population health.

Education for wellbeing and how we can promote mental and physical wellbeing as part of the work we do

Being an incubator for people who aspire for something more but don't know where to start.








Our activities:

We faciliate and participate in research and development of processes

We facilitate training that is relevant to planetary health and wellbeing

We provide a safe space for people to explore what it is they actually want to do with their time alive

We collaborate with organisations on their targets for sustainability and wellbeing.

Our big WHY

Life is too short for a bottom line to cause that much sickness and destruction for ourselves and future generations.

Life is a gift beyond measure, we should not squander it and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy every breath it offers.

Unless we aspire to become infamous.

We are advocates of the planetary health alliance since 2018

We are advocates of ACCOPHE since 2020

We are members of resilient frontiers since 2022

We have been on a learning journey since 2000.

We are an approved  MQA training centre (relevant to Mauritius) 

since 2019.

Global Reach

Expert Trainers

Personalized Learning

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Who We Are

The Institute du Bon Pasteur opened in 2015 with a mission to provide training in Planetary Health and Wellbeing. Our facilitators have years of experience in their respective fields and are passionate about journeying with individuals and companies who aspire to always be aware of the impact of their actions on planetary health and wellbeing.


 We believe that personalized learning is the key to success and we strive to provide our clients with an individualized approche that meets their unique needs.


What We Offer

Our programs are designed to provide the knowledge and skills  to understand how to apply paramters of planetary health in practice so that local actions and businesses understand how they affect the paramters of global health, which humans depend on, to exist. Planetary and sustainability and the SDGs can be thrown into a bag of words - however planetary health has a stronger medical compoment, which informs our attitude of working for the benefit of future generations in all good health.

Planetary health is the flourishing of nature while still aspiring to capital wealth. We don’t mind the bottom line, provided it takes the health of life into account. Territorial food security, security of biodiversity and health and are fundamental to the human experience of being on earth. 

Therefore, we also facilitate spaces to empower emotional literacy and intelligence. Our hearts are often forgotten in our decision making process.

We demonstrate and empower our clients: when we are skilled in emotionally literacy, our decision making processes and strategies considers financial wealth while contributing to planetary health. 


We offer flexible learning options to accommodate busy schedules, as well as personalized support to ensure impact.



Our trainers have hands on experience in their respective fields. They are discreet  and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and being a safe space for individuals and compnaies to achieve their goals.

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Flexible Learning

We offer a variety of learning options to accommodate your busy schedule, including online delivery, in-person workshops, and personalized coaching. Our flexible learning options ensure that you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.


Personalized Support

We believe that personalized support is the key to your success. That's why we offer one-on-one coaching and bespoke processes and support, to ensure that you are not overwhlemed and can, with consistency, achieve the goals you aspire to, whether as an individual or an organisation.

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Global community

Our community of students and trainers spans the globe, providing you with access to a diverse network of individuals who are passionate about seeing spaces, places and people flourish and thrive, consistently.

Our Programs

We offer programs designed to put life and the living at the centre of doing. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your own planetary health awareness and wellbeing or, a company looking to participate in making a positive impact. Our programs can get you on your way!

Planetary Health  - a symbiotic mindset for flourishing - integrating the coexistence of nature and financial targets depends on our wisdom in sheltering life.


Literacy for wellbeing - catch the suffering before it grows. Empower desperation to become wealth.

Permaculture training for land mastery - Be confident in each step you take.

Be comfortable with high staff turnover.

Be your own designer so that you can best delegate.

People we have worked with
and for...

We work with a variety of clients, including individuals, non-profits, and corporations.

Our collaborators and clients are passionate about inspiring and supporting healthy life and living and we are proud to pariticpate in making these dreams, a reality.

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Some of the feedback we have 

"Zoe is a lateral thinker and she passionately loves the planet we live on. I have hardly met someone who comes with so many creative solutions to everyday environmental issues."

Sarita K. Pulton-Boolell Rtd Principal Pharmacist, Ministry of Health of Mauritius

"Zoë’s facilitation process helped me navigate work relationships by problem-solving disagreements, empathising with the other side's pressures and restrictions, and finding confidence to advocate for my own needs and vision. "

Alisa Currimjee

Educator - Porlwi by nature

"Zoe has this very rare capacity of not only equipping you with knowledge in such a way that you truly embody and understand these information, but also to help you – while doing so- get closer to who you truly are, by being there to support and guide your inquiries and questions."

Victoria Desvaux

Envrionmental Project Faciltiator

Our Programs

Please contact us to enquire on how our porgrams meet your aspirations.

If needs be, we can design and deliver something that is totally suited just for you.


Ready to flourish with planetary health and wellbeing as part of the essence of your journey, as a professional or a company? Join the conversation! Who knows, you might be a bright light we could refer to our growing network!

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